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Strategy for Good offers you great insights and tips about business giving from inspiring leaders who are truly committed to making a difference in the community through their companies. Here's a small taste...

Business philanthropy “is a relatively simple thing, but it is a very powerful action. It sends a huge message into your particular community of interest that says, ‘We are more than just an earnings machine. We are a partner with you. We are in it with you. We care.’ And that makes a difference.”

—Aaron Azare, Executive Vice President, Colorado State Bank and Trust, Denver, Colorado


 “I am a firm believer in the power of business. Business is the strongest, fastest change agent that we have. Businesses need to become more sustainable and create donations to support their local communitiesnot just their economies. Everybody’s got to start working together across the lines to really spike this up as opposed to everybody just doing their own thing.”

—Matt Bauer, President and Co-Founder, BetterWorld Telecom, Reston, Virginia


“You don’t have to be a big company before you can do much in the community. Even as a small company, there are many ways you can support community organizations. The smaller businesses around here have made a lot of difference.”

—Chip Bair, Owner, Beau Jo’s Pizza, Idaho Springs, Colorado 


“We started worthy cause marketing as a way to sell our wine because we didn’t have money to do anything else. We couldn’t afford to put ads in the newspaper, magazines, radio, television. But [it worked] so we kept it that way as time went on and it’s still being done that way.”

—Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, Co-Founders, Barefoot Wine, Modesto, California


“Getting the word out is not to just toot your own horn. It has the key goal [for us] of further engaging people: here’s what we are doing and what you can do to help keep it going. It’s all in that word ‘engaging’ as opposed to talking at people. You have to make what you do visible.”

—Tracy Ulmer, Director of Promotions and Community Relations, The Denver Post, Denver, Colorado


“We know we receive brand recognition and good will from our community investments. These are two items that we can’t quantify on our balance sheet but which differentiate us from the other players in the marketplace. If we are in a competitive situation with a firm that wants to use a company that has a presence in the local community, we are going to win every time as a result. I think businesses buy based on name recognition; if you can see that the firm you are working with has a lot at stake in their community, then they are probably a better fit, a better corporate citizen, and also probably a better provider of goods and services than the competitor.”           

—Ron Brumbarger, President & CEO, BitWise Solutions, Indianapolis, Indiana

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