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Strategy for Good Table of Contents


Foreword by Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism


Part I: Strategic Business Giving

The Nuts & Bolts of Community Involvement

What is Community Involvement?

Debunking the Myths

The Business Benefits of Community Involvement

The New Giving Paradigm

The Continuum of Community Involvement

Part II: Developing Your Strategy for Good

Getting into Partnership

The Seven Steps of Strategic Business Giving

Step 1: Build Commitment Within Your Company

    • When to Start
    • Take Care of Business First

Step 2: Review Past Community Involvement

    • Track and Value Your Community Involvement
    • Calculate Total Annual Community Investment
    • Assess Impact

Step 3: Inventory Your Values and Goals

    • Clarify Values and Motivation
    • Determine Company Needs and Goals
    • Put Together an Advisory Group
    • Take Stock of Company Resources
    • Think About Actions Outside the Box
    • Set a Contribution Target
    • Write Your Strategy for Good
    • Give Your Community Investment a “Home”
    • Develop Basic Support Systems

Step 4: Select Causes, Partners, and Projects

    • Choose Causes or Social Issues
    • Research Potential Nonprofit Partners
    • Choosing a Nonprofit Partner
    • Contact the Nonprofit and Make a Pitch
    • Listen for What the Nonprofit Needs
    • Ask for What You Want

Step 5: Grow Win-­‐‑Win Relationships

    • Foster Partnership, Not Paternalism
    • Avoid Pitfalls of Partnering with Nonprofits

Step 6: Measure Success

    • Assess Community Outcomes
    • Assess Company Outcomes

Step 7: Share Your Story

    • Communicate with Employees
    • Tell Customers and the Community at Large
    • Discover Award Opportunities

Part III: Strategic Ways to Give

Dollars, In-­Kind, People, and Commerce

Charitable Dollars

    • Company Dollars
    • Customer Dollars
    • Employee Dollars

In-­Kind Contributions

    • Other In-­Kind Ideas


    • People to Involve
    • Ways to Give Time

Commerce Connections

Call to Action



A: Resources

B: Suggested Reading

C: Glossary

D: Companies Interviewed




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